2023 - 2024

Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Reading Groups

To facilitate the Faculty of Arts’ postgraduates in meeting the challenges of tomorrow, RIH’s Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Reading Group Initiatives encourage students to cross knowledge boundaries, aspire to become competent, versatile, and creative scholars.

Congratulations to the 9 selected Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Reading Groups!

  1. Analysis of Social Life and Local Community in Linxiang County during the Eastern Han Period: A Reading Group on the Wuyi Square Manuscripts五一廣場簡牘
  2. The CUHK Hong Kong Studies in Arts and Culture Reading Group
  3. Neuro-mapping China: History, Culture, Translation and Digital Humanities
  4. Interdisciplinary Study of Chinese Philosophy and Religion: Theory and Practice
  5. CUHK Philippine Studies Interdisciplinary Research Group
  6. Phase Boundaries: In-between the Creative and Empirical
  7. Philosophy of Language Reading Group
  8. Interdisciplinary Ethnography Reading Group
  9. 東(南)亞世界的文學、語言

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