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3 July 2023

Oxford Digital Humanities Summer School Scholarship 2023 Awardee

Oxford Digital Humanities Summer School Experience
(3 – 7 July 2023)

LI, Tong
Year 2, Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies


I am grateful for the scholarship I received from the Research Institute for the Humanities to support me to attend the 2023 Oxford Digital Humanities Summer School. This opportunity allowed me to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the field of digital humanities.

During the summer school, I attended workshops, seminars, lectures and a poster session that covered a wide range of topics related to digital humanities. These included text analysis, digital geomapping, and artificial intelligence, among others. I obtained hands-on experience with tools, software and technologies, such as data modelling, visualization, network analysis, and digital archives processing. Through group discussions and social events, I was able to learn from diverse perspectives and build connections with potential collaborators in this exciting field.

My experience at the digital humanities summer school in Oxford is tremendously beneficial for my future research. I gained a deeper understanding of the digital methods and technologies for humanities research, and I look forward to applying these skills and knowledge to my research endeavours.


L: Workshop on computational text analysis
M: In the gothic Dining Hall of Keble College, Oxford
R: Lecture on the role of machine learning in humanities research






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