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18 September 2023

Digital Humanities Initiative Talk Series: Bibliography and the Business of the Digital Humanities

Date: 18 September 2023 (Mon)
Time: 12 noon (HK time)
On Zoom
Language: English

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Wayne de Fremery, PhD
Professor of Information Science and Entrepreneurship,
Director of the Françoise O. Lepage Center for Global Innovation,
Dominican University of California


This talk will suggest that the old art and science of bibliography is integral to the business of the digital humanities. Business in this context is meant to suggest the work done in the digital humanities and the entrepreneurial opportunities afforded to digital humanists in academia, industry, and as entrepreneurs. Recognizing the bibliography’s centrality to humanistic practice as it has been shaped by digital technologies helps to illuminate the ways that the digital humanities have been formulated as a field. Moreover, understanding the integral role played by bibliography in humanistic practice reveals ways that digital humanists can productively contribute to humanistic understanding while also transgressing the conceptual limits of the contemporary humanities to make contributions to other fields in academia, as well as contributions to industry and society as analysts and researchers, businesspeople and entrepreneurs.


About the speaker:

Before joining Dominican, Prof. Wayne de Fremery was an associate professor of Korean Studies in the School of Media, Arts, and Science at Sogang University in South Korea, where he lived for twenty years. He currently represents the Korean National Body at ISO as Convener of a working group on document description, processing languages, and semantic metadata (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 WG 9). He is also owner of Tamal Vista Insights LLC, an independent producer of software that democratizes access to artificial intelligence, as well as Director of the Korea Text Initiative at the Cambridge Institute for the Study of Korea. Work by Prof. de Fremery has recently appeared in The Materiality of Reading, Library Hi Tech, A Companion to World Literature, Translation Review, and the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. His latest book, Cats, Carpenters, and Accountants: Bibliographical Foundations of Information Science, is forthcoming from MIT Press in the spring of 2024.


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